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Brandcitations.com is a service for natural link building and increasing brand awareness. All links are placed manually on forums, blogs, in comments:those sites where the links will be useful for visitors. This is not a SEO substitution but an excellent addition to it.


Our main service goal is fast link building. The links will look as naturally as possible because they
are placed manually.

Referr is useful for:

About Links

All links look naturally, which will result in better indexing and better website ranking in organic search (in general, by longtail keywords), they can also boost your brand recognition in the web and increase your product sales.

Links are placed by qualified specialists who can search suitable sites and communicate with people. To build an optimal work strategy you just need to send a request, describe your main ideas and answer a few questions..

Who is our Client?


If your audience is very specific, this service is probably not for you. Referr can be helpful to broader
projects with many pages.

Who is our Client?

The comments are expert opinions which are followed by links. One of these links point to your website. If the link is removed by a moderator or if you don’t want it anymore, we can find another site for it.

Link quality and surrounding text depends on initial data that we get from you. We want to place useful recommendations, so before we start working we have to know all the little details.

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