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While reading reviews about on our website it's hard to believe them😀 But you can see information and links to social networks about each specialist who left us a review. In fact we really have the best account managers and high quality services. Chat us and we will solve your link building problem 😉

SEO & Digital marketing specialist

Cooperation with was productive and the investment definitely paid off. The manager was always in touch and the team was as flexible as possible in the process of approving sites and comments.

The main advantages:

  • The quality of comments, the poster rarely sent a comment that was far from the context of our website, and if it happen, they adequately responded to criticism and made changes.
  • Quick edits to comments, site replacement (if some removed the topic), or changes in the brief for posters.
  • The ability to filter sites as much as possible by parameters in a clearly defined brief, the only disadvantage of this approach is that the more stringent the requirements for sites and their themes, the fewer such sites.
Internet agencies
The United States

We had the experience of working with two other companies on our other sites, we have something to compare with.

Brandcitations compares favorably with:

  • Quality work. Questions have been asked on the forums. Answered from another profile. Fixed with another answer. Profiles with age.
  • Trust sites.
  • The team is working. Always in touch. They give reasonable answers and recommendations for the future
  • At the start, they carefully studied the specifics of the product. Really got to grips with the topic matter. Smart near link text.
  • We met deadlines 100%. They did as promised.
  • A visual and convenient system for tracking the progress of work.
Online stores
Andrey Puchkov
Educational resource founder

Looked at the service for a long time, eventually decided to make promotion with it.

It bribed that the sites’ trust is very high, and the prices are three times lower than buying the same thing on the link exchange.

The team is super professional. I was surprised by the constant communication, even after payment and completion of the ordered work.

Communication is professional and responsible.

Ideal Performers.

Very excited to do promotion with Brandcitations!

Content projects
Oleg Yakovlev SEO Specialist

Before working with Brandcitations, had an experience of cooperation with two other companies, with whom it ended after the first order. This mainly happened due to the selection of low-quality donors, which led to the rejection of links and, as a result, failure to meet deadlines for orders.

The first thing I liked in the course of cooperation with Brandcitations was convenient and fast communication with the manager, with whom all working issues (from setting the brief to submitting the last link in the order) were resolved promptly and without delay.

I also want to note the convenient link checking in your personal account thanks to a simple and understandable CMS for maintaining workflows for each order.

You can immediately see the responsible approach of the team to their work, thanks to which, as a customer, I have always been satisfied with the quality of the placed crowd links!

Internet agencies
Project Development Manager

Good guys, the price is average in the market, and the approach to customers is very loyal!

The United States
SEO specialist of the marketing agency

Brief for crowd marketing for Brandcitations:

  1. We were not interested in links, but in visitors and the growth of our recognition online.
  2. Relevant responses. It was allowed to link to any page on the site that could solve a person's question.
  3. Free form anchors.

Links of any type were accepted: do follow, no follow, redirects, mentions. For maximum coverage and naturalness.

Such brief allowed contractors not to focus on anchors or SEO indicators of sites, and to get various types of links, including just text mentions of the site.

As a result, over the 6 months of work, the site's positions in the search increased significantly, we noted the good efficiency of crowd marketing and plan to use this strategy for other projects as well.

Internet agencies
The creator of an anonymous video chat for dating and chatting online in the USA

I’ve been creating websites for 8 years, but I never had to buy links in services, I did not believe in the result.

I did various runs by myself, which did not give a result, and if they did, then for a couple of months.

After reading about various crowd marketing services, I decided to try it and chose brandcitations.

Managers very quickly developed a website promotion strategy based on competitors for 6 months. All wishes were taken into account.

The result was already visible after 15 days. Positions began to grow, some keywords overtook the 10 years old sites.

The result exceeded all expectations!

The United States
Jan project specialist

Everything is smooth. No questions asked. They know what they are doing.

The United States
E-Commerce Store
Owner of E-Commerce Store

Please describe your company and your position there.

I run an E-commerce that heavily relies on SEO


For what projects/services did your company hire, and what were your goals?

I needed help with SEO that would help solidify my E-commerce store's rankings in Google


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

I worked with the team on the previous project for a local SEO project and the results came in fast. Their communication was beyond my expectations and becoming a repeat customer was a no-brainer.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and campaigns.

I needed my brand to be mentioned on a large number of entities like forums, comments and business directories. The team helped me to generate all these naturally at a consistent speed.

How many people from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

Two people. Client manager and coordinator.


Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

My e-commerce store got traction in Google and started bringing in traffic organically. It is still growing at a nice pace.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

We used telegram for communication as it was the best option for us

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

Communication was top-notch. Their work quality and speed were excellent.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

Not that I see now

Online stores
Protemos LLS
Marketing Director

Please describe your company and your position there.

I'm a marketing director in a development company which creates software for managing a business.


For what projects/services did your company hire

We needed a service that will help us with link building strategy.


How did you select this firm and what were the deciding factors?

We heard about it from our business partners. So we decided to give it a look. We found it expects how we heard. Good service which covers our needs, perfect and fast support.

Describe the project in detail and walk through their service package.

This team provided us with endless links and trusted websites. They find the website and provide us with a good link to it. Then check it by the moderator.

How many resources from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

Directly with marketing director


Can you share any outcomes from the engagement that demonstrate progress or success?

It great service that gives high quality of service, and support. Thanks to them we had big progress in our link building for our company.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Workflow is super effective. We communicate on messenger directly with our project manager. Managers react instantly to our requests no matter on country's situation.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

They provided high-quality service and great and fast support. They stayed working despite the Russin Invasion.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

All is great! Let the company and crew keep growing up in success and safe!

Promo One Consulting GmbH

Please describe your company and your position there.

We have worked with brandcitations on several of our e-commerce projects. There are a store of children's educational toys and a store of goods for animals. The guys were building up the links mass for our projects. For half a year, we have grown in total by more than 1000 referring domains.


For what projects/services did your company hire, and what were your goals?

Link building for our projects


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

Recommended by colleagues and good reviews in the Internet

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and campaigns.

The plan was to increase monthly by an average of 100 links for each project

How many people from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

1 account manager- Julia. Excellent service. Always in touch. Super loyal and pleasant to deal with


Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

For half a year, we have grown in total by more than 1000 referring domains.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

Everything is very clear and on time. Gave recommendations on how best to segment links, etc.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

They showed very good communication and fast work.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

it is necessary to expand work with the platforms of different countries, in particular Switzerland and Austria


Please describe your company and your position there.

I'm Head of SEO at Livepage. We are digital marketing agency with wide range of projects worldwide. At Livepage we work with IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies, SaaS companies, products, etc.


For what projects/services did your company hire, and what were your goals?

We often need a reliable partner who can help with linkbuilding services in order to get more visibility in Google's organic search result.


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

My colleagues across the market have already worked with Brandcications, and I've heard a lot of excellent reviews about their work. So, we tried to start a project to test it ourselves and we are extremely satisfied with the results.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and campaigns.

Accordingly to our requirements, Brandcitations helped to build a link building strategy and placed organic, natural links on the different sites. Such as forums, local directories and others.

How many people from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

I've worked with 2 persons.


Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

Our client's site got more visibility in Google's organic search result and started to rank better, gaining more and more organic traffic.

Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

At Livepage we are working due to one-month periods with our clients. So, it's very important for us to get the results from Brandcitation on time. Fortunately, the team is reliable and did the work fast.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

As Livepage has got many clients at various niches, we are always in need of domains in different themes and markets. And most of our partners in past admitted that they are at lack of database at some period of time. That's why, we are happy that most of our requirements and details were approved, and we got really high-quality results.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

I'm fully satisfied with our cooperation.

COO, Tranio

Please describe your company and your position there.

Tranio is an international real estate portal actively operating in over 20 countries. We are focused on cross-border acquisition deals in the European region. Our lead stream almost totally originates from our multi-lingual website with organic traffic. I'm Tranio COO and supervise marketing.


For what projects/services did your company hire, and what were your goals?

We used Brandcitations mostly to help us with placement of our own content on various websites in English, Deutsch and Spanish. To achieve our SEO goals we require at least 20-50 links on English and 10-20 on other languages. Most of that links came with help of


How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

Brandcitations' CEO Igor holds public webinars and speaks at conferences. I believe that people how are openly speaking how they're doing what they are doing and can explain it in a structured way (not hiding it like know-hows) are real professionals. After watching some of Igor's materials we decided to give partnership a try & never regretted it.

Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and marking tools used.

We have an in-house SEO team, own editorial team and PR manager. It gives us opportunity to create unique high-quality content. But when you need to work simultaneously on different languages and find good quality medias, blogs etc just having content is not enough.

We provided Brandcitations our criteria: using our content, no profiles or forums, focus on blogs and guest posting, only financial & real estate topics.

In the beginning of the month we provide them our content plan for next period (it's a bit different for different languages) and then they came up with estimation what the results can be and what the budget for guest posting we need.

During the month they notify about new placements and if there are possibilities for extra paid guest posts we can discuss extra budget. We use to monitor our links and check if they're ok. Sometimes old links can vanish then we come back to Brandcitations to get them back. Mostly it works.

How many resources from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

We were communicating with one manager from their side working as "one-stop shop" for us on all matters.


Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

It's hard to understand the effect from link building alone on the organic traffic. But during until 2021 we were doubling our traffic every year. We almost every time reached our goals in terms of how many links we wanted to have.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

We have one zoom call in the beginning of the month to sync between our editorial team and Brandcitations, then most of the communication havens it group chats during the month and ends with an email report of the results. It works pretty well.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

They were very open on every step of the way that assured us what methods were used and that we don't risk on being penalized by Google.

Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

I believe what they lack for now is high-quality PR-type placements via journalists.

Kupiokno administrator, 5+ years promoting information sites and aggregators

We promoted a new window aggregator for calculating prices for plastic windows.

The task was to get a link mass. Ordered 200+ links in 3 months.

The links were placed in time, and where I did not like something all the replacements were made. There are no comments.

Approximately 30% of the links were identified by the analyzers as SEO, the rest are considered natural.

Satisfied with the result. I recommend.

Head of SEO

I have been cooperating with the Brandcitations service for more than 3 months and I plan to definitely continue.

The approach, flexibility, and attitude to work on the part of the site are probably the main criteria due to which there is no intention to change the performer.

The work is carried out with high quality, always on time, and managers will find the necessary solution for any set conditions.


SEO specialist of an online store

Building a link profile with the help of crowd links.

Poor quality links are promptly replaced. Friendly and quality customer support.

Thank you for your work! 


Local projects
Online stores
SEO specialist, specializes in eCommerce and commercial projects

I have been working with the service for several months.

There are no comments on the work: pleasant communication with the manager, control over the performance of work according to my brief, timely reports on work and results.

I give small volumes to work, but for new projects, we are already seeing an increase in links and traffic.

We plan to continue working with the service on client projects.

Internet agencies
SEO specialist, copywriter

Pleasant work. The team is easy to contact, and customer-oriented.

Local projects
Online stores
SEO team lead at Internet company Inmako

I like working with Brandcitations because I can personally discuss the details of the completed project with the manager.

I don't need to "dig" into the platform interface. I just write to the manager about invoicing, filling out a brief for work, etc.

It's really convenient.

Online stores
Dmitry Rudenko
SEO specialist

With the help of Brandcitations, we managed to invest in an annual plan for growing organic traffic without resorting to hiring new full-time employees.

This help is invaluable (although there is a receipt), for which we thank everyone who was involved in the process.

When compared with competitors, I note that with Brandcitations there is the confidence that the task will be completed, wishes are taken into account, and inaccuracies in the execution are corrected.


  • Any volume (the old project - boost, the new one - smooth launch)
  • No problems with “oh, we don’t have such a topic”, “here are one and a half donors with DR, give me money”
  • Constant communication with the manager. The project is in good hands!
  • Everything is clear according to the brief.
  • The comments look organic: both in Russian and Ukrainian, and with errors, and in the academic language, everything was there.
  • For six months, I did not accept about 10 links, they replaced them without problems.
  • The personal account is user-friendly, which is definitely a strong plus.

Igor Rudnik is the Elon Musk of Ukrainian SEO! Thanks for the services and webinars (I use, and watch)! Collaborations with Koksharov and Ahrefs — 10/10.

Local projects
Medical projects
Dmitry Knyazev
SEO specialist, marketer

I have been working with brandcitations for several months. I often lead projects with them.

The most correct support service. They will help with everything if necessary.

The results on the promoted sites speak for themselves)

Specialist in online store promotion

We have been working for quite a long time building up the link mass.

Having collaborated with a large number of performers, from freelancers and exchanges to complex SEO agencies, we eventually settled on the brandcitations service, which successfully combines an affordable price, acceptable quality of text and sites, and convenient reporting.

Among those with whom we have worked, I would only recommend

Online stores
Kirill Semenchenko
Owner of the BobbyStore

The guys know their stuff.

They find the necessary resources and place all the necessary links and information.

This is a great solution for those who don't want to dive head into SEO and waste their time.

Online stores
Senior SEO & CR Specialist

Hello everybody :)

I have been working with the Brandcitations team for several years.

I would like to note the high level of a professional approach to solving problems, the efficiency, and responsiveness of employees at all stages of interaction, and the most beautiful female managers, thanks to which the workflow becomes not only productive but also very pleasant :) 

I use specifically on Brandcitations only Crowd links for dilution and extensions of the link profile and anchor list.

It turns out to drive requests to the top positions even in medium competitive topics when only using Crowd links.

In the last case, in 4-5 months I made an increase in traffic from 600 to 4000 users per month in the key areas of the customer, only by writing high-quality content and crowd links.

Sometimes, when there is not enough time for clients, I just send them to Brandcitations and the guys do everything themselves :)


Liyana Jacques
SEO specialist at

We are very pleased with the work with the team: all requirements are met with high quality and on time.

We will be happy to extend our cooperation.

The United States
Web developer of Promokoster

Placement of links through brandcitations raised the position of the site by keywords.

Also, by placing profile backlinks, brand recognition has increased.

We continue to work.

Online stores
Leading SEO specialist of projects in the niche of medicine, construction and repair, furniture topics

Initially, I would like to express special gratitude to my personal project manager, Julia, many thanks.

Very sensitive, correct, and receptive, it was very pleasant to cooperate!

Impressions about working with the team: extremely positive, met expectations, moreover, I am delighted with how smoothly our cooperation is going.

You create a project (brief), fill in all the points that you only consider necessary, and everything is strictly observed, with no mistakes or misunderstandings.

Because I have an extremely negative experience of cooperation with a company, by the way, popular and well-known, with a very relevant domain.

So, they hardly closed the first project, everything was fine, I hoped that everything had been said, the mistakes were taken into account and they would not be repeated. But only after a few projects, having looked at what was already done, it turned out that the guys mixed up links by project countries, use absolutely all links in reviews as anchors, and in 30% they put links not on those pages of the site that are in the brief.

In short, wherever it was possible, everywhere everything was absolutely wrong and worked for a negative result.

Brandcitations didn’t have a single mistake, during the first 5 publications we discussed all the points, I indicated my wishes again and all subsequent publications were strictly according to the brief and as organically as possible.

For which I am very grateful.

I recommend it with all my heart!

Medical projects
Online stores
SEO specialist

If you need to "dilute" or build your link profile and don't have time for manual crowd marketing, I come to brandcitations:

  • Professional approach to the client
  • Everything is clear according to the brief
  • Deadlines are not missed
  • Average market price
  • Responsive support


Junior SEO Specialist

The team promptly responds to all orders, the links are always of high quality, and there is a positive trend in all indicators.

Assistant Head of Marketing, SEO specialist

I’m very pleased with the cooperation with the brandcitations team.

Prompt response, timely work, pleasant interaction.

For all projects, there was an increase in traffic by several times.

For most of the keywords, the sites came to the TOP of the search listings.

Local projects
Online stores
OxyHealth Head of Website Development

The brandcitations team captivates with its comprehensive professionalism, both in terms of meeting the brief and deadlines, and in solving all sorts of minor issues and problems that arise in the process of working on a project.

And, importantly, pleasant customer-oriented communication))

Bravo, and further success!

Local projects
Online stores
Internet marketer

Collaboration with brandcitations left only a pleasant impression both about the employees and about the company itself.

The first thing I would like to note is communication with the manager with whom we worked on our project. I really liked the approach, all issues were resolved quickly and without delay.

As a result, a noticeable increase in the position of the site in the search. 

I am very satisfied with the work of the service, I plan to launch new projects in the future.

The United States
SEO-specialist, promotes online stores, information sites, and commercial projects

Work is always at a high level. The domain rating in the ahrefs service has increased, referral traffic has also shot very well, and brand recognition has increased due to anchorless links.

SEO-specialist of

I would like to thank the Brandcitations team and separately the manager Yulia for the services in building the link mass for our online store. Special thanks for the incredibly fast feedback, loyalty, and expertise.

Internet agencies
Head of Digital Marketing

Professionals in their field, they will make a brief and give you advice, if necessary. Satisfied with the quality of work and deadlines.

The indicators have grown, as has the loyalty to the brandcitations.

Online stores
Artem Demin
SEO specialist

The work is done with high quality. All wishes and requirements are taken into account. Links are placed on visited resources, in thematic threads. The link profile is growing well, and most of the links are indexed. A month later, there is already a visible result in terms of positions.

Cons - they do not always meet the deadlines, so I advise you to allocate an extra week for the work done.

Kozulya Irina
Digital marketer, over 7 years

Great service. Good links on trusted websites, fast reaction, and pleasant support. Highly recommend.

The United States
Evgeniy Pasyuk
SEO specialist

I have been working with brandcitations for more than 2 years (CIS and foreign countries). Individual approach to each client and project. I am satisfied with the results, in my opinion, the best price-quality ratio in the market.

SEO specialist in the promotion of automotive sites

I really like the approach, there is always feedback, and you can solve any controversial issue or problem.

The set brief is always fulfilled, there are no worries that something will be missed.

After the start of work with brandcitations, the traffic of visiting the promoted sites increased, the SQI grew, and the positions of the keywords rose.

We are satisfied with the work of the service, in the future we plan to launch several more projects.

Head of educational courses ExcelCourse

We have been cooperating for about half a year.

I like everything very much! Quality links.

Conveniently, you can manage links manually - replace those that seem inappropriate.

Traffic is growing, the link mass is also gradually growing, and the position of the site has grown.

We will continue to cooperate!

Content projects
SEO specialist, 15+ years of experience

Good company. They perform their work in full and at a high level. This is not the first time I order crowd links from them.

SEO specialist in gray niches

First of all, I want to note the professionalism and competence of Yulia Kosenko, the manager.

Thanks to her, I have been cooperating with Brandcitations for over a year. Communication is convenient and simple.

Quite satisfied with the sites.

Everything is done on time and according to the brief.

Site indicators are increasing every month, so I plan to continue cooperation.


I have been working with the brandcitations service for more than 4 years.

For all the time of cooperation/ordering services, I have never met with a negative attitude, they always quickly solved my problems.

The approach to clients at the highest level, I would like to meet such professionals more often.

I would also like to add that the results of promotion (of course, together with other factors) give good results both in the CIS and foreign projects.

Special thanks to Alina Valerievna for her constant help and advice. She is a professional in her field.

I recommend the cooperation!

Financial projects
CEO of a bathroom renovation company

We’ve been cooperating with brandcitations since 2015. We are promoting a local website for bathroom renovation. We bought links of various types on the service: crowd marketing links, links from directories, and profile backlinks. What we can highlight for 6+ years of work:

  1. Convenient personal accounts. Everything is simple, clear, and concise. The most detailed information about projects.
  2. Experienced personal manager. During this time we had two personal managers and both did a good job. They were available even outside business hours. We resolved any issues that arose, created detailed SEO reports at all stages of promotion, and provided the necessary closing documents.
  3. Variety of payment methods. In fact, this is a very important indicator, especially if you cooperate for a long time.
  4. Nice bonuses and additional services. Depending on the volume of the tariff plan or package, you can get free links. Also, upon request, free consultations on link promotion are provided.
  5. An integrated approach to creating a strategy. Before starting work, they analyze direct competitors, make a cut of the site's SEO indicators, and determine the required number of links for the first stage and the most appropriate promotion methods.
  6. Informative blog. A lot of useful materials on the topic of SEO and link building, which are constantly updated.
  7. Useful site functionality. These are lists of SEO specialists in the CIS and the West, a list of useful services for website promotion with promotional codes, and a free course on link building.
  8. Interesting and illustrative cases. Case studies really help to understand the effectiveness of a particular strategy for selected regions and niches.
  9. Social media and youtube channel. There is also a lot of useful expert information and promotion tips.

The main thing is the results:

  1. We increased the safe link profile and set the dynamics.
  2. Attracted attention to the site from the target audience, which provoked an increase in orders.
  3. Created a positive tone around our brand in the communities.
  4. Created a natural anchor list for the site.
  5. Raised the site higher in positions in search engines.
  6. Increased the credibility of the site from the audience.

At the moment, we continue to work with the service. We try not to stop, so as not to lose positions and dynamics. In the future, we plan to order turnkey link building.

As a result, we can safely recommend Brandcitations for promoting local sites in the CIS.

Thanks to the team!

Local projects
Promotion manager of a supplier of telecommunications and electrical equipment

For the first time in SEO for 6 years, I encountered link building professionals. The guys completely closed the issue with the link mass of the site.

The effect of links is much better than from third-party organizations, self-posting, and articles from exchanges, which ended up being more expensive and time-consuming.

Now we work on an ongoing basis with brandcitations for external links. If link building, then!

Local projects
Online stores
Margarita Cailleau

Very happy with Julia Kosenko and the entire team at Referr. The team was knowledgeable and replied quickly to any questions or concerns we had. Best of all, we have begun to see a steady increase in our link building strategy.

Internet agencies
Anton Haptar

Brandcitations team provides incredible services, always helpful and quick to respond. They deliver fast, pricing is reasonable, and quality is always outstanding. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Financial projects
The United States
Project Promotion Specialist

I worked with many crowd link companies and have something to compare with, but the guys from brandcitations so far exceed all my expectations.

They helped to competently draw up the brief, gave tips on what to focus on better, well, they do their job perfectly.

We have been working for several months and there is a result: traffic has grown, as well as metrics such as CF, DR, etc.

We will continue to work!

Marguerite Caille
Entrepreneur, internet marketer, co-founder of web agency

I’ve been working with Brandcitations for half a year.

During this time, we managed to significantly increase the authority of the site, which helped to bring the site to the top for many commercial keywords.

I am very satisfied with the quality of service.

Separately, I want to thank Yulia Kosenko who provides support for all 5 stars, Yulia is always in touch and ready to help in resolving any issues.

Internet agencies
Alexander Viktorovich
SEO Team Lead, CIS and Western projects

My impressions are rather positive. I am satisfied with the results, I usually write all criticism immediately upon approval of the work

Middle SEO specialist NDA Company

My review is very simple. I deal with highly qualified specialists who definitely know a lot about "Off-page" project promotion.

In addition, I want to separately note the feedback of the Brandcitations team, since all my questions are resolved within 5-10 minutes after contact.

We are working on more than 20 projects with these guys and I think that we will not be limited to this.

I won’t even speak about the results of projects and traffic growth. It is logical that if there were no results, we would not give so many projects to work on or would not work at all. And so we work, so everything is fine.

If someone listens to my feedback about Brandcitations, you should know!: "There is no need to think here, just start working with the guys"

Internet agencies
SEO specialist, specializes in promoting aggregators

I ordered crowd links for one of the projects, the sites are good, and the work is being done always on time.

Links are placed manually by experienced employees.

The texts on the forums are as relevant as possible.

If for objective reasons the link did not fit, then it can be replaced within a few days.

Impressions are only positive. 

Thank you for a job well done, I'm satisfied!

Denis Solovyov
SEO specialist, webmaster

Overall impressions of the work are excellent. The link profile is growing!

Online stores
SEO-specialist, specializes in promotional code aggregators

Very pleased with the work with the Brandcitations service.

Flexible rates and individual approach to each project.

High-quality crowd-links from trust sites and forums that help to strengthen the link profile and dilute it!

Content projects

I've been working with the service for a little over half a year. I’m very pleased.

A competent and convenient system for confirming links, and talented performers, everything is very fast.

Maybe, of course, I was lucky with the manager, but I am very pleased with Yulia's work.

Always politely reminds and finds how to contact, even if the mail does not work.

Positions are slowly growing, we will soon increase budgets.

I highly recommend it!

Real Estate Portals
Tatyana Shulgene
Business consultant, promotes content projects

Before working with Brandcitations, I had the experience of cooperation with other performers, which led to poor-quality order fulfillment, and cooperation ended quickly. 

Brandcitations managers helped in the development of the strategy, as a result of which the positions began to grow very quickly, the result was already visible after 2 weeks. 

I also want to note the fast and convenient work in the personal account, and excellent communication.  

Thanks to the growth of the link mass, the sites of my clients quickly reached higher positions in the search engine, and we note the growth of new customers and sales.

Content projects
Vadim Mukhamadiev
SEO specialist in the promotion of e-commerce projects

Excellent service and responsive managers. Very high-quality links!

Online stores
Prioritet SEO-specialist

We have been working with the service since 2017 on various projects. At the end of 2020, we came with another new project.

The site was created from scratch, to increase the link profile, it was customary to use several types of links at once, we worked comprehensively.

For three months, the site had a positive trend, the visibility of the site improved and traffic began to grow.

Due to the client's reasons, the work was suspended, and redirected towards the purchase of guest posts, after a while, we plan to return to the crowd.

Online stores
CMO Holyunicorn Club

My impressions of working with the team are positive. I don’t really see any results in terms of traffic yet, but we have been working for only three months on small volumes. I am sure that the numbers will still surprise their growth.

Internet agencies
Internet marketer, SEO specialist, WEB master, ophthalmologist, psychologist

Good afternoon! It all started with the fact that I decided to update the functionality of the site. After completion and improvement by the programmer, the issue of external optimization and website promotion arose. Somehow I haven't done this in a long time. I found the Brandcitations company in an article about link promotion on the Netology blog (where I was trained in Internet marketing and the resources that they advise, I trust more than others).

Our collaboration with Brandcitations started with a free brief audit of my site. The manager contacted me very quickly, showed the situation with the site on the graphs, and offered the best promotion option. Then, together with the manager, we filled out the brief and started work.

Links appear in your personal account as they are posted and there are 7 days for their approval. Otherwise, they will be approved automatically. This is convenient, because there is time to do it all. Additionally, a message is sent to the mail and SMS, so it is impossible to skip the links.

Brandcitations support is always in touch and always immediately resolves issues that have arisen.

Now we have been working with Brandcitations for the 3rd month. Links are indexed gradually, they began to appear in the statistics only 3 weeks after the start of work. The indicators have become a little better, the traffic is improving. It is too early to judge significant changes, we will see in a few more months.

Satisfied with the work, everything is done according to the brief. I recommend!

Medical projects
Elvira Sagirova
Senior SEO Specialist, online cosmetics store, 10 years in Digital, 2 years in SEO

We have been working with Brandcitations relatively recently.

During this time, the link weight has increased, and the rest of the indicators are at the same level.

It is convenient to work in personal accounts.

The personal manager quickly gets in touch and promptly resolves all the issues that have arisen.

Online stores
Internet agency marketer, 4 years in SEO

I am very grateful to the guys for the quality work.

I've been working with them for about half a year now.

I like the individual approach to the client. For me, it is very valuable.

Thanks to my account manager, Galina, for always being in touch and ready to answer all questions, almost at any time.

Also pleased with the variety of proposed package options.

It is possible to choose a price and the number of links for any region and project size.

We are satisfied with the results of cooperation: links are placed within the agreed timeframe, written correctly, and taking into account all the features of the business.

Internet agencies
Head of Marketing Gekonst

The task is to develop a new website.

Most of it was done on our own, the link profile was entrusted to professionals.

I really like the flexible approach to work. We work with a very limited budget. We have developed a special program for building a link profile within our capabilities.

Monthly traffic increases, and we are closely monitoring the growth of the link mass.

I really like the fact that not just work is being done, but options for improvement are offered for our consideration.

Thanks to a detailed description of "where we are now", what period we are going through: growth, stagnation or falling, and most importantly - what can be done to improve all this, we have a clear understanding of our growth points.

We consider it very useful to be able to reject the proposed link (wrong GEO, completely non-thematic resource, etc.) and quickly replace the specified link.

I also want to note the efficiency in the work of the manager assigned to us, all issues are resolved quickly and “painlessly”.

Online stores
BestChange Traffic Manager

We have been cooperating with Brandcitations for half a year.

From joint work only pleasant impressions. Responsive people work here, always ready to hear you.

Over the past 6 months, increased organic traffic to the site by about 30%. The number of keywords in the TOP-10 increased by 20%.

Satisfied with cooperation. We strongly recommend it.

Financial projects
Konstantin Chekmenev
Head of a marketing agency for the medical sector

We work on the projects of our agency with Brandcitations.

What I would like to note:

- fulfillment of tasks on time, taking into account the requirements;

- qualitatively selected donors;

- a form of payment just for working with legal entities, convenient;

- well-established document flow;

- high-quality, responsive support;

- excellent recommendations;

- a convenient system of work - personal account, etc.


Internet agencies
Medical projects
Honeywellshop SEO specialist, marketer

We tried the crowd-marketing service in Brandcitations.

A month and a half after the end of the work, positions for mid-frequency keys began to rise by 5-15 points.

The growth was for those keywords for which conventional SEO did not help.

Thanks for the productive work!

Online stores
Artem Lebedev
Upper Junoir SEO IM of the marketing agency

I work with the Brandcitations platform in the first stages, as soon as the project starts work.

As a rule, these are new projects, either with a weak link profile or without it at all.

Therefore, I immediately turn to Brandcitations for the provision of crowd marketing services.

After a month or two of working with this service for one project, I see a good growth of pages, the search engine starts to rank them better, positions rise, and I become happier :)

I express special thanks to manager Galina, always in touch, always pleasant and constructive to communicate, always helps resolve my issues, and provides all the necessary information, an excellent specialist!

Internet agencies
SEO specialist with 10+ years of experience, promotes sites from automotive and real estate to highly specialized equipment and medical equipment

I have been working with Brandcitations for more than 2 years.

I managed to buy links for projects in the USA, England, and the CIS on all projects, and social media was purchased. signals, crowd marketing, and eternal links.

Traffic growth from 13 to 48%, if you look at identical periods with an interval of a year or from 3 to 7 monthly.

Local projects
Medical projects
Real Estate Portals
Inari In-house SEO specialist

We have been working for more than 3 years. Everything is fine and traffic and promotion are growing daily! Thank you!

Online stores
Head of a consulting financial agency

Satisfied with the work. I like the approach of the team and the proposed solutions to the tasks.

Everything is clear and on time.

As a result of the work, after a month, the required page was in the TOP-10, and then there were more clicks, and, accordingly, there were more orders.

We continue to work.

Financial projects
SEO specialist, 7+ years of experience in SEO

Absolutely satisfied with the work with Brandcitations! 4th year with them :)

There are 2 projects for which we order crowd. Sites are selected according to pre-negotiated conditions (according to checktrust). There are many living links.

Sites and comments are coordinated with me, they are placed promptly, and if necessary, replacements are made.

There are few approvals, Brandcitations do everything themselves and do it well)

Project growth in terms of traffic, otherwise we would not cooperate!

Great service, keep it up! Thank you)

Online stores
Dmitry Lyumin
SEO specialist, teacher of a specialized course in "Netology", promotes projects for the CIS

Good service. I have been cooperating with Brandcitations for 2.5 years now, I buy links for various projects in CIS, mainly to dilute the link profile, but these links also bring referral traffic that is periodically converted into orders.

Work is always completed on time, a convenient system for checking and rejecting deleted/problematic links.

It is a pleasure to speak with personal managers! They will always be understanding and helpful with atypical requests.

SEO-specialist of the Internet marketing and business agency

Large database of sites, very high service level.

We use crowd links for projects mainly for the naturalness of the link profile.

The manager Daria always found time to answer questions. She always compromised on controversial issues.

The quality of the proposed sites and the placement strategy have always met our tasks.

The United States
Content manager of an online electronics store

An excellent source of links from sites, for the most part, with high-quality trust indicators.

Works are carried out following the brief.

During the cooperation, a couple of controversial situations arose, after pointing to which the managers went forward and corrected the situation.

As a result, after several months, we managed to diversify our link profile, increase the citation index and move up in the search results for the keywords we are interested in.

I recommend.

Online stores
SEO analyst of e-commerce projects and information sites

I found out about the Brandcitations service at one of the SEO parties and decided to check how true the recommendation is.

I started, of course, with a basic tariff for a small project, on which it was easiest to identify the result of the work of the service team.

Results turned out to be positive, both in terms of the dynamics of the DR indicator (the initial link profile of the project was weak, which is most likely why the crowd had a good impact at the start).

I even received clicks on the links I placed (previously, when working with other services, this was a rarity).

I want to note right away that in to obtain a qualitative result, it is necessary to discuss the points of the brief before starting work, for example, in terms of donor parameters. It is also necessary to clearly fill in the brief according to the content of the near-link text, etc. (as far as I remember, samples are provided).

I also like the presence of a warranty period for rechecking the placed links.

Now I use the service for client projects.

The crowd is good for diluting the link mass and getting clicks on the placed links, I consider it a good bonus.

Doing this on your own will take a lot of time, so I thank the guys for their work and wish you development!

Content projects
Online stores
Head of Advertising and PR department of the financial project

The personal manager took into account all my wishes for promotion, gave recommendations, and helped to understand the operation of the service.

The result was not long in coming. From the second month, there was an increase in the link mass and an increase in the site trust.

Traffic to the site is gradually increasing, which is undoubtedly pleasing.

We will continue our cooperation.

Financial projects
SEO specialist, promotes English-language sites

Everything is fine. A convenient site for ordering, the manager is always in touch and ready to help with all controversial issues. The quality of placements also corresponds to the brief.

Links are well indexed and for some key clusters, there is good growth after placements.

The United States
In-house SEO specialist of the Ukrainian information news portal

Excellent service. Good backlinks, promptly make changes to the brief and take into account the available comments.

We observe positive dynamics on the project, we plan to continue working with Brandcitations.


Content projects
Mikhail Bogachev
Head of SEO agency for the creation and promotion of websites

An excellent service that really works on a turnkey basis.

Suitable for developing a link profile for website promotion both in Ukraine and abroad.

I will continue to use the services of the Brandcitations.

Also many thanks to the personal manager Daria, she helped to simplify and automate many processes and always offers her help in solving technical nuances (creating the brief, replacing links, etc.).

Internet agencies
Viktor Karpenko
CEO of the agency for website promotion in search engines

Crowd marketing really gives a return for SEO, and also generates targeted traffic.

But it is important to understand yourself how it is necessary, correctly formulate the brief for contractors, and as a result, get what you need.

I recommend the Brandcitations team, as guys who know what they are doing. They are constantly developing, doing their job at the level, and also constantly improving the quality.

What is very important in crowd marketing.

Internet agencies
Sergey Koksharov
SEO expert, author of the blog

This type of service has been brewing in the SEO market for a long time since only links that people are grateful for and that an interested audience clicks on are the most useful.

Of course, not all links that are placed in Brandcitations are clicked by people, but the effect is noticeable. It is especially good when links are posted regularly. Igor and his team are very reliable and responsible people, I am glad to cooperate with them.

Content projects
Sergey Velikanov
SEO specialist

We included crowd marketing in our promotion strategy, as we needed to increase the popularity of the site and reach a new audience.

And best of all, only referral links can do this.

Despite the abundance of advertising on the forums, links to were always relevant to the topic of the forum and helped to solve the user's problem.

These links are clicked by interested users, who then recommend our portal to their friends and acquaintances.

The effectiveness of such a company can be compared to word of mouth. We were satisfied.

Real Estate Portals
Mikhail Shcherbachev
Head of website promotion studio

We have been using Brandcitations services for a number of our own and client projects for a long time.

There are examples when, only due to the links placed in Brandcitations, the project is gradually growing in Google search results and, in addition, it also receives referral traffic.

You can do all the work yourself, but time is very precious to me and I prefer to outsource such services.

Internet agencies
Roman Rybalchenko
Founder of marketing project

SEO has become much more complicated.

The further, the better search engines determine purchased links on exchanges.

I recommend the Brandcitations project to my consulting clients for diluting purchased links and creating referral links.

Links that are left where the target audience communicates. Links that live people follow and write in the comments “thank you for suggesting”.

Brandcitations approaches the task wisely, acts carefully and without spam.

I recommend it to anyone who is going to switch to white hat SEO!

Internet agencies
Windows aggregator product manager

Our project started from scratch - a calculator for calculating plastic windows with current prices.

Basically, the link mass for the site was built on messages on the forums.

In the beginning, the text in the posts and comments did not suit us. Everything was too advertising and without reference to our project.

I had to reject the first ten links.

Then they changed the performer and everything went like clockwork.

The manager delved into our unique offer and the texts turned out to be meaningful and lively. The anchors were natural and logical.

In general, we are satisfied with the work, everything was completed on time, and the link mass of our site has grown to a competitive level.

Marketer at the website development and promotion agency

Brandcitations has become a reliable partner in solving the tasks set on projects: improve brand recognition, and dilute the link profile.

I regularly include crowd links in my strategy and I see only positive dynamics on projects.

And even orders came from such links, which is a very good bonus!

Internet agencies
SEO specialist of service center website

I have been working with Brandcitations for more than a year, during this time everything has always been done on time.

All links are high-quality and clear according to my brief.

Good luck and prosperity!

Local projects
Co-founder of apartment rental service

I enjoyed working with the Brandcitations team!

The team is always in touch and open to comments/corrections.

Initially, they proposed a link profile development plan, which turned out to be more than adequate.

I liked that they approach the work with intelligence. For example, comments were left alive, and not just spammed to different places for the sake of a link.

They win a lot in terms of communication and quality compared to other companies with which I have worked before.

Real Estate Portals
SEO specialist, promotes the public procurement portal

Crowd links from Brandcitations are ideal for diluting the link mass from PBN and outreach.

The result in the form of traffic and positions is much better than using, for example, only PBN.

It has already been tested on several projects, so I continue to order links from Brandcitations, as they provide the best quality in the crowd marketing market!

Financial projects
SEO specialist, online lending site

Since 2019, we have been working with Brandcitations. The first project was related to movies and series.

We started the promotion by buying links. Crowd marketing was also needed. We tested many services, but in the end, the choice fell on Brandcitations. 

The application was processed very quickly, a personal manager was assigned, and work began. In the first months, we looked at the contractor, the quality of work, and whether they adhere to the brief. 

The manager was in touch constantly and answered all questions (for which many thanks to him!).

The main thing that was emphasized was the number of donor domains. Growth was visible immediately.

In addition to the quality of links, we also looked at their indexing.

After placing the entire volume, the guys pinged them and sent the results to us. 

As a result, during the work with Brandcitations DR of the site increased by 30 points, traffic by 57%, and with it the conversion.

We continue to cooperate with Brandcitations, but with a new project. And the indicators of the site are also growing.

I want to say thank you to Julia and the whole Brandcitations team!

Financial projects
SEO specialist of a debt settlement company

We have been cooperating with Brandcitations for several years and I can assure you with such links the result is more than convincing. 

Links are perfect for white hat content projects. Only with their help, in a few months, it was possible to achieve traffic for the new site from 0 to 100 uniques per day and at the same time have the most natural link profile. 

Most of the links have a good life cycle, unlike the cheaper Pakistani counterparts. 

I also want to note the excellent system of reporting and monitoring the performance of work. Everything is transparent and right on time.

Financial projects
The United States
Head of the company producing and selling promotional materials

We have been cooperating with Brandcitations for only a year and this year we have achieved excellent results for our website.

7 months after we started placing links, we were forced to disable contextual advertising for our site, because enough applications were coming from the search to load the entire sales department with work

Project work is always completed on time, detailed reports are provided, and links are always of high quality. Special thanks to Julia for her prompt help and feedback.

Keep working!

Online stores
Promotion Specialist for online clothing store Lovangi

I am satisfied with the work, everything is done right on time. Briefs are agreed upon in detail. Managers are willing to make contact and make changes to the project if necessary.

As for the work done. For all the time of working with Brandcitations, the total volume of the link mass has increased, and with it, the DA, the trust of the site, and the position on the project's keywords has grown. Better visibility than before.

Some of the keywords are commercial, so sales have also grown.

Online stores
SEO specialist, promotes an online store of medical equipment

Thanks to the Brandcitations team for strict adherence to all terms and conditions, quality work, and really effective tools.

A great option for safe and natural link building.

I recommend!

Medical projects
Online stores
Andrey Pavlyuk
SEO consultant of the web agency for the development and support of sites

Brandcitations is an excellent service for crowd marketing.

Using links from forums as part of a link profile building strategy, we got an excellent result: traffic growth, increasing the relevance of pages, and bringing the right keywords to the first positions of the search results. 

I would especially like to note the management and support. Professionalism, understanding of the issue, flexibility, and quick response. Plus pleasant communication is a cool bonus. I don’t want to stop working with you! 

We are grateful for the service and personally to Alina and Galina for their cooperation and results.

We continue to work and recommend you to our clients and not just them.

Internet agencies
Web administrator of online furniture store

We have been working with Brandcitations for more than two years.

There were positive results of work with this tool. Several projects are involved in the purchase of live crowd links.

Satisfied with the results. We observe a positive trend in organic search results for all projects.

Qualified managers serve us, it's a pleasure to work with them. 

Thanks to Brandcitations for a job well done!

Online stores
SEO specialist of a large online electronics store

Each project, the link profile of which was worked out together with the Brandcitations team, successfully reached the TOP.

Always only the most relevant sites - the crowd helped the sites with articles very well. A very convenient personal account for verification and confirmation, as well as support and advice from specialists.

All tasks were completed - sites are in the TOP for the right keys for reasonable budgets for crowd and guest posts.

Online stores
SEO specialist from the agency, promotes Ukrainian medical sites

Excellent service, everything is done on time. We order crowd links to improve and dilute the link profile.

Traffic is growing, everything is super.

Medical projects
Marketing agency director

We have been working with brandcitations for several years.

We are satisfied with the results of cooperation: links are posted on time, written in human language, and, in the vast majority of cases, do not cause complaints.

We express our gratitude to the service for the quality of work and look forward to further productive cooperation.

Internet agencies
SEO specialist of large multilingual sites

I have been working with the Brandcitations service for several years.

About a dozen projects have been successfully completed both for the CIS regions and for English-speaking countries.

Impressions are only positive. The quality of placement of crowd links corresponds to the price.

Brandcitation’ specialists always meet the needs, fulfill wishes, and regular customers are provided with individual terms of cooperation.

I can recommend the service to other SEO specialists who understand how to use crowd links.

The United States
Head of online store

The work is always done on time. All changes are made within a couple of days.

Thanks to the rise in the link mass, came out on the first lines for all brand keywords.

Online stores
Veterinary Community Website Promotion Specialist

The guys were very helpful with optimizing the link mass.

Donors are selected well according to a clearly defined brief. Comply with deadlines.

For some projects, there is a very cool increase from 200 to 8000 in traffic per day by raising the naturalness of the link mass in conjunction with end-to-end links (This result was achieved in half a year of work on the project).

Content projects
Web-studio WebFox
The team of the web studio for creating and promoting sites

We have been working with Brandcitations for several years. We make crowd for several projects in different regions - Italy, the USA, and Ukraine. 

Through forum posting, we solve the problems of developing a link profile and moving up in positions. 

The company helps to determine the direction of work to solve certain problems and implements them accordingly.

Communication is conveniently built and the solution to issues arising in the process of work is always comfortable.

Internet agencies
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