History of development

Our team has been working under the referr.ru brand since November 2013, but we started crowd marketing even earlier. For about 2 years they used crowd to develop internal projects in the CIS markets and abroad. With his active participation, we managed to grow projects from scratch to tens of thousands of visitors per day! 

Having made sure of the effectiveness and usefulness of our methodology, we decided to share it with friends and colleagues from seo-agencies in order to study the power of the impact of crowd marketing on the development of projects in different niches.

In parallel with the market, our system has been constantly developing:

Having gone from the emergence of a new tool to its full formation, we can safely state that we have the greatest experience in conducting crowd marketing campaigns in different niches and markets.

Brandcitations today

We have experience of cooperation with very interesting customers and companies, to whom we are certainly grateful for trust and collaboration for the sake of the result. A strictly privacy policy does not give us the right to disclose brands, but we can voice niches:

  • Banks;
  • Financial organizations;
  • Online stores, from small and local to federal players;
  • Service sites;
  • Online services in the CIS and the USA;
  • Developers;

For whom we make the service and what tasks do we solve?

If you value your time, like to use a quality product and get a controlled result – we will find a common language with you. Our team likes to help our clients achieve their goals.

A large bank or a novice online store is equally valuable to us if you are ready for constructive dialogue and solving applied problems.

In 5 years, we have learned to solve different business cases of client


  • Creating positive dynamics of the reference profile;
  • Correction of the anchor list;
  • Dilution of the reference mass;
  • Growth of positions;
  • Increasing the visibility of the site.


  • Increasing brand awareness;
  • Bringing a new term to the market;
  • Content distribution.

Marketing and branding:

  • Crops of positive reviews;
  • Stimulating feedback.

Principles of our work

Respect. We always try to show empathy and immerse ourselves in important aspects of work as much as possible for you;

Openness. Our managers and specialists are always ready to share their experience with you to give your project as much result as possible;

Flexibility. We are always ready to consider different options for cooperation: distribution of tariffs, discussion of various metrics and other aspects.

Brandcitation is a team