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  • UK
  • France
  • Poland
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  • Canada
  • Australia
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  • and other

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  • Alex: I need backlinks in different regions
  • Sam: No problem, we work with 10 languages and in 40 regions
  • Alex: Looks nice, but why should I work with them?
  • Sam: Brandcitations makes everything cool, but I like that they…

Why should you choose Brandcitations? Our advantages🏋️

  • Clear business processes. We deliver result and reports always in time
  • Experienced account managers with more than 3-year practice in SEO
  • All backlinks are posted on schedule for the best dynamics
  • Your account manager is always in touch with you and will inform of all updates. We can help you with consulting and give an answer for any question
  • Confidentiality is an important point in our rules. You can be sure that all information will be only between us

Our Guarantees🛡️

Only handmade

No automated link building. All links are placed by hands of our experts

Two-step moderation

We work by strict guidelines and checklists. All links are checked by our moderators

Quick replacement

If you don’t accept some links by a good reason, we will replace it

How everything works

Choose seo package🧙‍♂️


  • set the budget
  • combine link types
  • cross strategies
  • form the criteria
  • influence the dynamics


40 links
  • duration of posting - 1 month
  • placement guarantees
  • manual moderation
  • detailed report
  • personal manager


Free hosted guarantee links within 1 month

190 links +10 bonus
  • duration of posting - 3 months
  • placement guarantees
  • manual moderation
  • compensation of deleted links
  • development of a long-term strategy
  • detailed report
  • personal manager

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  • Alex: Well, I heard that Brandcitations has a great affiliate program, is it for everyone?
  • Sam: Yes, it is true :) I earned 200$ last month

Affiliate program🤜🤛

  • Earn 10% commission from your referrals
  • Take revenue share on all customer lifecycle
  • No minimum payout
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White label reports
Сlear vision of income
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Niches, which love to work with us

We work with different niches, here are some examples of them.
Ecommerce and marketplaces
Dating sites and apps
Outsourcing and SaaS
Real estate
Financials instruments
and sport
Law and
and casino
and forex
and flights

Brandcitations — 11 years of experience in Link Building in different regions and languages.
We guarantee the best client experience and quality of our work.

Garry Rudnyk
Owner of Brandcitations

Questions & Answers

If you don`t know what package and strategy to choose, leave this issue one way to our manager. Based on your site goals and budget he will give you best recommendations back for a link building campaign

We are well known for consulting services, content distribution & trusted for our guarantees, reports and strict deadlines. You can read more about it in our intro on the main page.

We make forum backlinks, social profiles and local directories. All our backlinks are contextual and safe for Google.

All the parameters for each site are individual (like DR, moz etc), but they will be definitely agreed with you before the start of work, based on your site goals and objectives

You will get the report in Google docs. You will have access to it during the whole work

Our backlinks are eternal in 90%, just about 10% of them can be deleted by site moderators as a custom. But do not worry, all the backlinks will be alive and work correctly when we send you the final report 🙂

Yes, we have a 1 month guarantee after the final report. If any of backlinks is deleted – we will repost it for free

Our seo services in the meaning of link building help to develop sites in different niches. All of them can be our best clients.

You can find reputable link building service or white hat agency and ask to work on your budget on monthly basis. works with personal budgets, you just have to write about it online to your manager.

Our link-building services are affordable for our clients. You can choose the packages to be paid for, you can disscuss your budget with the manager.

It is individual and depends on your niche and region of your site. We have a data of sites for work, directory vault, but for each project sites differ.

We have many reciprocal clients and agiencies who works with us during years. We can make bonuses and we also have a great affiliate program.

We are almost 10 years doing backlinks, for this time we tried more than 200 strategies and had thousands of clients. Try us and we can become the best for you 🙂

Our enterprise provides link building services and have a whole spector of services: guarantees, manual work, effective strategies, detailed reports, editorial of posts etc. Freelance sites are cheaper, but not always you will get the quality. It depends on your needs and opportunities.

You can always write to us and we will tell you about all options, that we can propose. Now we start working with new regions, so we can try to work with your needed country 🙂