Today you will learn how you can grow a content project from zero to 300,000 people per month in just a few months.



At the start:

Range of work for external promotion:

  1. 50% — crowd marketing;
  2. 25% — PR publications in niche media;
  3. 25% — guest posts, outreach, article links.

Duration of work – 3 months. helped to close the pool of work on crowd marketing, the rest of the work was carried out by the customer.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to promote a young site from scratch and get results:

График роста трафика сайта


The client took the most responsible approach to the creation and design of content:

  1. more essence, less waffle;
  2. availability of images and screenshots;
  3. structure:
    1. headers;
    2. subtitles;
    3. bulleted and numbered lists;
    4. small sentences;
    5. small paragraphs;
  4. readable fonts;
  5. relinking;
  6. etc.

The main thing! When creating content, focus on the width of the topic and the interest of the article.

Fascinating and useful article

More time on the page

Better page behaviors

Higher in the search results

More audience

More profit

The highest quality content is the basis of any information project:

Поведенческие факторы

External optimization and distribution of content

What is more important, the quality of content or the width of its distribution?

Honestly, after “50 Shades of Gray” became one of the best-selling books in the world, willy-nilly I will say that distribution is more important 🙂

The following methods were chosen for content distribution and external optimization:

  1. 50% — crowd marketing;
  2. 25% — PR publications in niche media;
  3. 25% — guest posts, outreach.

PR publications

Classic PR never ceases to be relevant, if you can make an interesting press release, prepare market analytics, or give a good article to the media. Then in return, you will receive not only a link but also the attention of the audience.

Given the specifics of the crypto market and the complete lack of competent authors, the chance to publish your material in the media is very high.

Placement of guest posts

To receive guest posts, the following were used:

  1. article exchanges;
  2. direct agreements;
  3. outreach

While the first and second methods are understandable, few people in the CIS know how to do outreach. 

Let’s take a closer look at the crowd marketing process since it made up a large part of the external strategy.

Crowd marketing

Correct filling out the Brief for crowd marketing

From the side of the client, the most correct setting of technical requirements was made.

Firstly, crowd marketing work was started at an early stage of the project launch:

This decision allowed us to work on domain authority as early as possible, which ultimately gave a cumulative result.

Secondly, the customer seriously assessed the quality of the content, and the highest quality articles were given to work. Their distribution and reinforcement with links accelerated the growth of ranks and traffic.

In total, there are 49 articles in the blog, and crowd-links were placed on 6 of them. These 6 articles brought 34.5% of the traffic to the blog structure:

and 19.8% in the total traffic structure for all time:

Thirdly, there was prompt communication from the customer, which made it possible to quickly make adjustments to the work process.

Crowd links made it possible to attract the first audience and form behavioral factors for some pages:

As a result of all the work on external optimization, the process of stable obtaining links was established and the necessary dynamics of the link profile was ensured:


Thanks to the streamlined approach to content creation and external optimization, the audience of the site has grown rapidly:

График роста трафика сайта

On the daily graph, strong traffic fluctuations are visible, but it is the specifics of the cryptocurrency niche:

The demand for various information varies greatly depending on the market situation.

Nevertheless, the diversification of content niches provides a stable increase in visibility in search engines:

A large number of high-frequency requests are in 5-20 positions:

this way, you can expect to increase the traffic to the site.

Will it be interesting to continue to observe the development of the project?

We plan to post an updated case in 3 and 6 months, what do you think?