Link promotion of projects with a target audience in Europe is a responsible task. Each region has its own unspoken rules for getting links. In some countries, they are sensitive to the language and correct presentation of the text, and in some – each link is suspicious and is thoroughly checked for spam.  

Last fall, a specialist from a young online platform for agencies and freelancers HELPMYTASK contacted Brandcitations. The main goal was to increase the domain’s ranking in search engines with the help of complex link building.  

It would seem that everything is simple. Working with a young site with an almost clean link profile is the perfect way to show the effectiveness of a well-designed link strategy from Brandcitations. 

However, this project had a peculiarity. The main target audience of the site was located in Latvia. And since it is difficult to implement a full-fledged link building for such a narrow region, we offered the client an interesting way out of the situation. 

What kind of work strategy we proposed to HELPMYTASK and what we got as a result read in this case😉


Introductory data


Our client is a multilingual online platform for hosting the services of professional agencies and freelance website developers, photographers, designers, content creators, and marketers HELPMYTASK.

HELPMYTASK offers its users:

  1. Services of a professional photographer and photo sessions;
  2. Creation of websites and online stores;
  3. High-quality translations from foreign languages;
  4. Marketing services;
  5. Graphic design studios and freelance designers;
  6. Services of copywriters;
  7. Maintaining social media.

Advantages of the site: 

  1. No commission for the contractors; 
  2. Convenient interface;
  3. Payment security;
  4. Transparency of transactions;
  5. Direct contact between the contractor and the customer;
  6. Ability to compare offers; 
  7. Favorable environment for legal entities;
  8. Only proven European specialists;
  9. Objective work with complaints and their resolution to the maximum satisfaction of both parties.

Domain age: less than a year. Started working with Brandcitations in November 2020. The first links appeared on 24 November 2020.

The link profile of the site: at the start, there were two backlinks and one unique referring domain.

Site anchor list: not formed. There were only two anchors in the list at the start.

Parallel work with the project from the side of the site owners: focused on technical SEO optimization.

The tasks that HELPMYTASK set for Brandcitations were to increase the domain rating and create a link profile with the help of competent complex link building.

Additional factors influencing the promotion of the project:

  1. Narrow target region. The client was interested in thematic discussions and trust sites with a target audience in Latvia. 
  2. Strict domain selection parameters. For some link-building methods, the client had clear requirements for the quality of sites for placing links.

After talking with a HELPMYTASK specialist, we came to the conclusion that the client fully trusts our team and is ready to work for results in the long term. 

Stages of HELPMYTASK work with Brandcitations

  1. Analyzed the HELPMYTASK link profile and overall site performance;
  2. Prescribed intermediate goals for solving a global task;
  3. Approved the promotion region and accommodation features;
  4. Determined the most appropriate link-building methods for the site;
  5. Highlighted queries and pages for link building;
  6. Created a link promotion strategy;
  7. According to the strategy, we distributed the number of links by methods for the first period of work in five months;
  8. Compiled and approved a list of anchors and near-link text;
  9. Approved the parameters for selecting domain sites for all link-building methods;
  10. Placed the first links and validated them with the client;
  11. Systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  12. Prepared a detailed report for the selected period of time.

Complex link building strategy for HELPMYTASK

Based on our analysis, we can identify the main tasks that will help in achieving the goal set by the client:

  1. Increase the quality of the link mass of the site;
  2. Set a systematically growing dynamics for the link profile;
  3. Increase the trust level of the site;
  4. Set the growth dynamics for the positions and visibility of the site;
  5. Increase brand awareness among the target audience;
  6. Create a positive tone around the brand and increase the level of trust from the target audience;
  7. Increase the number of positive reviews about the site.

Within the limits of the formed tasks, we decided to use such methods of link promotion as: 

  1. Crowd marketing.  Placing positive posts in thematic discussions, on QA sites and under the articles will greatly help in solving the tasks.
  2. Links in social profiles. Placing links in the description of social media profiles will increase brand awareness.
  3. Placement in catalogs. Placement of the company in trust catalogs will help to increase the quality link mass of the site.
  4. Article placement. It will ensure a positive reputation of the site both on the part of search engines and on the part of the target audience. 

Requirements for sites for placement by the client (crowd marketing):

Promotion region: since we were limited in the range of Latvian regional sites, we suggested starting work from sites in the CIS, but put links into anchors in Latvian and partially in Russian.

This decision allowed us to get 215 links from various trust sites.

Distribution of the number of links by terms and methods (pivot table)

Link building method November











Crowd marketing

15 20 20 25 25 105

Links from directories

5 5 5 5 5


Profile backlinks

10 10 15 15 15


Guest posts

2 4 6 8


Total: 30 37 44 51 53



We distributed the base number of links for the first period of 5 months across different link building methods to create a natural link profile of the site. In addition, we set the growth dynamics for the link profile by placing volumes from smaller to larger.

HELPMYTASK promotion results

In 5 months of working with the HELPMYTASK site, we were able to create a natural link profile with obvious growth dynamics. Placed links on 53 unique domains using different link building methods. The site’s DR increased from 1.7 to 16.

We created a competent anchor list, where non-anchor links predominate.

Links are distributed by type in the profile, which confirms its naturalness once again .

The work on the project is ongoing at the moment.


As we can see, thanks to a well-designed link promotion strategy, a very young link profile can be turned into an exemplary one. According to all quality criteria:

  1. Trust domains;
  2. Steadily growing dynamics;
  3. Site DR from 10;
  4. Competent anchor list, where non-anchor links predominate;
  5. A link profile consists of different types of links.

We are confident that in the end, the HELPMYTASK site will be able to outperform its direct competitors and get to the TOP of search engine results. The main thing is not to get hung up on what has been achieved, but to move on. 

You should regularly analyze competitors and adjust your promotion strategy. In addition, we recommend trying new link building methods and adding the most effective ones to the new period.

First of all, you should pay attention to outreach. This method of link promotion will help you get more than one hundred quality links with the right approach. 

Do you want to attract a motivated audience to the site, set the growth dynamics for the link profile, and get to the TOP of search engine results for key queries, but you don’t have the time, effort, and desire to search for quality sites, create profiles, write content, etc., you always can contact Brandcitations for a complex link building service 🤗