Online jewelry stores are challenging to promote. Customers value comprehensive, quality information. No matter how incredible the jewelry, if it is poorly presented, the purchase will not occur. This is especially true for high-value items.

Also, the jewelry sector is highly competitive unless you’re selling something unique. Therefore, brand recognition, community mentions, and high-quality external publications are essential.

Brandcitations was contacted by an experienced SEO specialist from the agency to promote a European company selling natural diamonds and precious stones. The specialist personally created an external promotion strategy for this project and chose our service for its implementation. The primary goal was to enhance the site’s visibility in Google’s organic search and boost organic keyword traffic.

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Incoming data

Client`s project: Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds (MAD) is a diamond and gemstone trading company based in Antwerp, Belgium, operating since 2003.

The site’s clients are jewelry designers, experienced collectors globally, and gemstone enthusiasts.

Project Advantages:

At MAD you can buy:

  1. white diamonds;
  2. colored diamonds;
  3. precious stones;
  4. semi-precious stones;
  5. paired stones;
  6. mock-ups;
  7. unique gems on request;
  8. rare stones;
  9. stones of specific characteristics like size, shade, cut, origin, etc.

Domain age: 2+ years. Started working with Brandcitations on August 26, 2022.

Region: the USA.

Language: English.

The link profile of the site: 31 domains, 456 backlinks.


Anchor-list: small, formed.

Parallel work with the project on the part of the client: before placing the links, the site was technically optimized. Simultaneously with the work of Brandcitations, new content was created on the site. Guest posts were also purchased.

The task set to Brandcitations: to increase the number of backlinks to the project site from high-quality American domains.

Additional factors affecting the progress of the project

  1. High project competitiveness. The market for precious stones is huge. Thousands of dealers offer a wide selection of unique stones every day. It is necessary to constantly identify elements that can favorably distinguish the project from competitors.
  2. Content quality. Beyond having well-written and optimized text on the site and engaging guest articles, it is also essential to provide high-quality photos and videos. The more compelling visual content available, the better. This principle applies to external links as well.

Stages of work

  1. Brandcitations managers analyzed the link profile and site metrics;
  2. recorded data for further performance tracking;
  3. determined with the client promotional landing pages and goals to achieve through link building;
  4. selected and approved link building methods based on the budget and planned period of work;
  5. distributed the number of links for the required period as per the strategy;
  6. approved the list of anchors, surrounding text, and parameters for selecting donor platforms;
  7. placed the first links, validated them with the client, and made corrections;
  8. systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  9. prepared a detailed report.

All work was carried out in the client’s personal account.

Link promotion methods used for MAD

To achieve Brandcitations’ goals, we collaborated with the client to select three link acquisition methods for the American market:

Forum links. Posting recommendation comments in relevant thematic communities is great for promoting jewelry-themed sites. It aids in boosting brand recognition, establishing a positive reputation, drawing the target audience to the site, and achieving necessary SEO metrics affecting visibility, traffic, and trust.

Local directories. Creating profiles and company pages in local directories can enhance the site’s trustworthiness from Google’s perspective and improve the site’s ranking based on topic and geographical location.

Links from social profiles. These links also effectively enhance brand recognition and trust from the perspective of the target audience.

Client’s requirements for link placement:

Distribution of links by terms and methods (summary table)

September 2022 40 0 0 40
October 2022 40 0 0 40
November 2022 40 0 0 40
December 2023 40 0 0 40
January 2023 30 10 15 55
February 2023 30 10 15 55
Total 220 20 30 270

The necessary number of links was spread over a period of 6 months using various link building methods to create a moderately growing link profile for the site.


In six months of collaborative work between the SEO specialist and the Brandcitations team, we managed to:

Achieve more than 100% of the project’s KPIs.

Increase organic traffic from Google search by 425%:

Increase of visibility in organic Google search by 1226%:

Attract clients from Europe and the USA (before that there were none at all):

Growth of the link profile by adding 121 donors.


As you can see, a comprehensive approach is effective for promoting jewelry-related sites in the US:

  1. site refinement: texts, visual design, and functionality;
  2. working with blog articles;
  3. link building using various mechanics: crowd marketing, catalogs, social profiles, guest articles, etc.;
  4. timely audit and strategy adjustment.

Also, outreach performs well in the US market.

The main factors include the quality of created content, appropriate selection of external platforms for links posting, and engaging experienced professionals to handle the link building process fully. Especially since Brandcitations offers a “complex link building” service, allowing you to dedicate time to more critical and creative tasks.

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