Each region has its own rules for the effective development of a link profile. It is especially important for SEO specialists who bring projects to unfamiliar markets to be careful. In this case, every detail is important, starting with a competent language and ending with the peculiarities of culture.

We at Brandcitations have been successfully working with 40+ countries in popular languages ​​of the world for more than eight years and we know in which region what to pay attention to. 

This time we were contacted by a client with a small, young online store of household goods with a target audience in Poland.

Having developed and implemented a working promotion strategy, we got excellent results in just 3 months!

We describe in more detail how a young online store was promoted in Poland and what numbers we got as a result in our new case👇

Introductory data

Project topic: small online store of household goods (handmade). There are only 25 items in the store.

Domain age: launched May 1, 2020 (works with Brandcitations since September 1, 2020).

Promotion region: Poland.

The link profile of the site: before the start of the project with Brandcitations, we got 10 links from business catalogs. The number of unique referring domains was 5 at the start.

Organic site traffic before the start: 480 visitors per month.

Benefits of the client’s project 

It is important to determine the benefits of the project before starting a link building campaign. How to use it:

  1. when implementing a crowd marketing strategy (in posts on forums, in comments), these advantages allow you to write engaging posts and encourage the audience to go to the site;
  2. when working with catalogs, in order to correctly fill out the description of the company and give users a USP that would encourage them to visit the site;
  3. when working with links from profiles, it also allows you to create a high-quality description.


Parallel work with the project on the part of the client: not carried out.

The task that the client set for Brandcitations was to safely build a link profile.

Additional factors influencing the promotion of the project

  1. Polish language project. To write competent content when promoting a site with links, you need to know the language at the native level.
  2. Features of the culture of speech. In order not to stand out from the crowd (especially on the forums), you need to understand all the nuances of the Polish culture of speech.
  3. Niche competitiveness. To get ahead of competitors in this niche, you need to stand out not only for the quality of products and additional services, but also for an advanced website with competent promotion.
  4. There are many big competitors in the TOP. The TOP is filled with a large number of specialized large online stores with a wide range and great deals.
  5. Snippets in the search listings. Part of the search results for key queries is occupied by visual snippets from catalogs and thematic videos.

Stages of Brandcitations’ work with project

  1. Analyzed the site’s link profile and indicators;
  2. Identified and analyzed the direct competitors of the online store in Poland;
  3. Determined the most appropriate link building methods for the site from the available ones;
  4. Highlighted queries and pages for link building;
  5. Developed a strategy;
  6. According to the strategy, the number of links was distributed by methods for the first period of work;
  7. Approved the list of anchors and near-link text;
  8. Approved the parameters for the selection of domain sites;
  9. Placed the first links and validated them with the client, made adjustments;
  10. Systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  11. Prepared a detailed report for the selected period of time.

Link promotion methods used for the online store

To promote the online store in Poland, we have selected three basic effective methods: 

  1. Crowd marketing. Posting useful recommendatory comments in threads on forums, Q&A sites, and under the articles. 
  2. Links from social profiles. Placing active links in the description of user profiles in social media and other trust sites. 
  3. Links from catalogs. Creation and placement of company cards in local catalogs. 

Current Brandcitations SEO packages are available at the link.

Distribution of the number of links by terms and methods (pivot table)

Period of work

Link building methods

Amount of links

September-October 2020

Local directories


September-October 2020

Social profiles


October-November 2020

Crowd marketing




Requirements for sites: standard: 

  1. Site traffic from 9,000 visitors per month.
  2. Thematic at the discussion level.
  3. Relevance and liveliness of the thread.

Brandcitations results for 3 months

Growth of unique referring domains + set positive dynamics (data from Ahrefs)

Growth of organic traffic from 480 visitors per month to 1800: comparison August 2020 and November 2020 (data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console)

Growth in the number of organic keywords and belonging to the target region (data from SemRush)

Graph of changes in site visibility:

Why the work was stopped: limited budget + off-season. Resumption of work is planned at the beginning of the new season.

Regardless of the subject of the site, in order to outperform competitors and get to the TOP of search engines, it is necessary to ensure a systematic growth of the link profile. You should not stop working with link building even in low seasons. The stagnant profile is many times worse than the new one. 

Therefore, we recommend calculating the budget for links at the stage of building a link strategy. It is better to post links little by little and for a long time than to write everything out in two or three months. 

Also, you should always remember that link promotion works for the long term. You will see the first results only 3-6 months after the start of work. 

And finally🙂 It is important not only to get on the first pages but also to stay there. After all, every year a dozen new companies appear on the market and they may be more ambitious in promoting their sites.


When promoting a site for Europe or the USA, always pay special attention to the selection of native speakers for writing content. Keep track of the quality of domains for placement, the theme of the threads, and their relevance.

If you have a young online store, we recommend that you use only basic link building methods at the start, be careful with commercial anchors, and follow the basic promotion rules. 

And do not forget to analyze your direct competitors before starting. Focus on young sites that have already achieved good results. This analysis will help determine the number of links to start promotion and find suitable domains.

Our client in just 3 months of a competent approach to link building for the Polish market was able to achieve a 3.7-fold increase in organic traffic and, subsequently, an increase in the total number of sales by 9.5 times😃Do you also want to get such results? Just tell us about your tasks and we will definitely help you solve them with the help of competent complex link building💪