Link promotion of content projects always requires attention to content writing. Comments on forums, Q&A sites, and under articles, as well as guest posts, help such sites prove their expertise and attract potential customers.

Previously, we were contacted by a client with the author’s educational resource ege59, which specializes in preparing for exams in history and natural science.

Our main task was to increase the quality of the link mass of the site in order to increase the level of trust from the search engines.

What we did to solve these problems and what results we got as a result – read in our case.

Introductory data

Topic of the project: the author’s educational resource for preparing for exams in history and natural science. The site also contains useful, thematic articles by the author and training courses.

Domain age: 8.5 years. Creation date 12 July 2012. Works with Brandcitations from December 2020 to now.

Promotion region: CIS.

The link profile of the site: 296 unique domains at the start.

Benefits of the client project

The EGE59 project is dedicated to preparing for exams in history and social studies. The project includes the site itself, a Youtube channel, free and paid video courses to prepare for exams.

The peculiarity of EGE59 is that the material is presented in a “living”, understandable language. The author of the project, Andrey Puchkov, long and patiently explains why, for example, KIM is needed and what it is in general. How to really better and more effectively prepare for exams in history and social science, taking into account the realities of a particular academic year. Thus, on the site, the visitor receives not just materials, but real help in preparing.

It was these features that Brandcitations used when writing comment texts for promotion.

Parallel work with the project on the part of the client: new articles were published, links were made to those materials, links to which were placed through Brandcitations.

The task that the client set for Brandcitations was to increase the quality of the link mass to improve the presence of the site in search results, as well as provoke the growth of the trust.

Additional factors influencing the promotion of the project

A significant factor that affects the promotion of the Ege59 project is the high competitiveness of the niche, and the complexity of promoting educational services.

There are hundreds of educational resources online to help graduates prepare for state exams.

The main thing in promoting such projects is to bring the site to the TOP of search results for keywords and increase brand awareness.

Stages of Brandcitations’ work with project

  1. Analyzed the link profile of Ege59;
  2. Identified and analyzed direct competitors;
  3. Determined the most appropriate link building methods for this educational project;
  4. Highlighted keywords and pages for link building;
  5. Developed a strategy for promoting educational services;
  6. According to the strategy, the number of links was distributed by methods for the first period of work;
  7. Approved the list of anchors and near-link text;
  8. Approved the parameters for the selection of domain sites;
  9. Placed the first links and validated them with the client, made adjustments;
  10. Systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  11. Prepared a detailed report for the selected period of time;
  12. Continued to work.

Link promotion methods used to promote the Ege59 educational project

To solve the tasks that the client set for us, namely, increasing the link profile through natural links and increasing the trust of the site, we chose crowd marketing.

However, it should be understood that crowd marketing is not a panacea. To create a high-quality link profile, increase the trust of the site, and the overall positive tone around the brand, we recommend that you approach link building in a complex way.

With our complex link building, you do not need to independently select working methods of link promotion, determine the required number of links, create a strategy for promoting your site, and experience all the difficulties of implementation. Just fill out a short brief and our managers will do everything for you.

Placing positive comments in thematic threads will help the project:

  1. create a natural link profile;
  2. dilute the anchor list;
  3. attract a motivated audience to the site;
  4. increase the level of trust from the target audience;
  5. provoke the growth of the site trust;
  6. increase the level of recognition of the project online;
  7. and other.

If you approach the implementation of crowd marketing wisely, then after 3-6 months you can see the first significant results.

Distribution of the number of links by terms and methods (pivot table)



Crowd marketing


December 2020

Crowd marketing

50 January-February 2021

Crowd marketing


March-April 2021

Crowd marketing 50

May 2021

Requirements for domain sites: 

  1. the uniqueness of the sites;
  2. topics at the thread;
  3. domain traffic from 9,000-10,000 visitors per month;
  4. no more than one link from the domain;
  5. Site Quality Index from 100;
  6. Spam up to 20;
  7. Trust from 30.

Interim results of Ege59’s work with Brandcitations

Sales of courses increased by 20% by the end of 2020. People began to actively take expensive products. This shows the high efficiency of link promotion of educational courses.

Direct visits to the site, as well as from other resources on which links were placed, increased by 5 times; the link mass is very good, smoothly growing.

The client receives links with a trust several times higher than if he bought links on exchanges for the same cost.

By placing natural links on high-quality domains, we set a positive trend for the link profile. The number of unique domains increased by 137.

We diluted the anchor list with non-anchor links and added 10% commercial anchors.

We also observe a significant increase in the position of the site and the addition of new keywords to the profile.

Distribution of key phrases by positions in Google search.

Dynamics of site visibility in search engines, traffic, and keywords.

As you can see on the graphs, we have contributed to the creation of systematic growth in the dynamics of the project’s link profile and an increase in the presence of the project in the search results. At the moment, the work of Brandcitations with the Ege59 project continues.

What else can be added to the link promotion strategy

For content projects, and especially in the education niche, it is necessary to regularly confirm the expertise of the project author online. In addition to crowd marketing, guest posts and outreach will do a great job of this.

Guest posts will also help:

  1. to attract a motivated audience;
  2. to increase the growth of confidence in the project from search engines and the target audience;
  3. create a natural link profile;
  4. provide a positive background around the brand;
  5. and much more.

When developing a strategy for promoting educational services, it is important to create really useful content and post it on external sites. If you choose the right domains for posting articles, you can also negotiate for free publications.

If you do not have the time, energy, and desire to promote a content project on your own, we recommend that you pay attention to the complex link building service by Brandcitations.

We will create and implement a full-fledged link promotion strategy for the site using crowd marketing, links from directories, profile backlinks, and guest posts. You do not have to create a large amount of unique author’s content for external sites. We will do everything for you.

Just chat us and our managers will help you solve problems for your business.


If your goal is to create a natural link profile with positive dynamics and increase the trust of the site, then crowd marketing will help you with this.

It is important not to forget that posting comments in thematic threads can bring the site to the top of search engines for keywords and attract new visitors to the site or significantly damage the reputation of the business.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to approach working with crowd marketing as responsibly and accurately as possible.

We have been able to solve the tasks assigned to us and even achieve more.

With more than 9 years of experience in crowd marketing, Brandcitations knows how to help businesses, taking into account their specifics and emphasizing the strengths of projects.

Want to get the same results or even more? Sign up on the brandcitations website and tell us about your tasks. Our managers will be happy to help you solve them.