Promoting a website to the US market is a priori difficult task. But if it is also a highly competitive niche, then this is really a worthy challenge.

We were contacted by a client from the dating niche without a link profile, but already with some traffic. This is a great starting point for the Brandcitations team to try to help promote the site using external optimization.

Having developed a strategy and implemented it, we got a very interesting result in just 4 months.

About what we did and how it led to an increase in traffic and income — we tell below.Let’s go 😀

Introductory data

Project competences: Anonymous video chat for dating and chatting online

Domain age: 7 months (works with Brandcitations since 3 months)

Promotion region: USA.

Link profile of the site: before the start of the project with Brandcitations, no actions were taken with the link profile. The number of domains at the start is 0.

Site rank: 70-80 rank in the USA.

Website search traffic: 41,000 one month before starting work.

Advantages of the client’s project

  1. Complete anonymity;
  2. Security;
  3. Simple and clear functionality;
  4. Quick search for interlocutors;
  5. Easy start.

It is important to determine the benefits of the project before starting a link building campaign. How to use it:

  1. when implementing crowd marketing (in messages on forums, in comments), these advantages allow you to write engaging posts and encourage the audience to go to the site;
  2. when working with catalogs, fill in the description of the company correctly in order to give users a USP that would encourage them to go to the site;
  3. when working with links from profiles, it also allows you to create a high-quality description.

Parallel work with the project on the part of the client: purchase of articles (in a small amount) + brand promotion through product placement (native) advertising.

The tasks that the client set for Brandcitations

  1. Safe building of the link mass of the site;
  2. Use of various types of links;
  3. Creating a natural link profile;
  4. Assistance in getting into the TOP-10 for the necessary keywords.

It is important to understand that we do not take projects on complex promotion and do not commit to a task formulated as “promoting a site to the TOP-10”. The Brandcitations team maximizes the achievement of the client’s goals through external links.

Additional factors influencing the promotion of the project

  1. Highly competitive niche. Services for online dating and communication are quite popular and in demand in the US, including video chats (+roulette chats).
  2. Established TOP services. In the TOP there are well-known dating sites and applications with the functionality of video chats.
  3. Selections in the search engine results. For some keywords, the results are filled with collections and reviews of dating and communication sites.

Stages of work with the project

  1. Analyzed the link profile of the site and indicators;
  2. Identified and analyzed the direct competitors of the site;
  3. Determined the most appropriate link building methods for the site from the available ones;
  4. Highlighted keywords and pages for link building;
  5. Developed a strategy;
  6. According to the strategy, the number of references was distributed by methods for the first period of work;
  7. Approved the list of anchors and near-link text;
  8. Approved the parameters for the selection of domain sites;
  9. Placed the first links and validated them with the client, made adjustments;
  10. Systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  11. Prepared a detailed report for the selected period of time and moved on to the next stage of cooperation.

All work on the approval/improvement of the placed links was carried out in the personal account.

Link building methods used to promote the project

To promote a site in Google (добавить ссылку после перевода статьи) in the USA, we have selected three basic effective methods:

  1. Crowd marketing. Posting useful recommendatory comments in threads on forums, Q&A sites, and under articles. 
  2. Links from social profiles. Placing active links in the description of user profiles in social media and other trust sites.
  3. Local SEO-links (directories placement). Creation and placement of company cards in local US catalogs.

Distribution of the number of links by terms and methods (pivot table)

Link building methods


Crowd marketing Links from social profiles Local SEO-links

I month of work




II month of work




III month of work




IV month of work

40 10


Parameters selection of sites for placement (crowd marketing)

Criteria are selected individually for each project and scope.

In this project, we came up with the following criteria for crowd marketing:

  1. Ahrefs DR from 20;
  2. The link must be in the page code;
  3. Available for indexing;
  4. The thread does not have any links to external services before the target post.

+ standard Brandcitations parameters:

  1. Topic at the discussion level;
  2. Thread relevance.

Results of working with Brandcitations for 4 months

Significant growth of unique referring domains + positive dynamics set

Search traffic growth: comparison between September 2020 and January 2021

Growth of ranks for keywords (there were 70-80 ranks, data from Serpstat and SemRush)

Attracted tens of thousands of target users (data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console)


When promoting a site for the United States, you should pay special attention to the trust of domains and the quality of near-link content. Google closely monitors links on external sites and their benefits to the audience. 

We also recommend that you regularly monitor the effectiveness of the promotion. Timely adjustment of the link building strategy will help to achieve great results and avoid possible mistakes.

In addition, use different ways of extracting links. The more diverse the link profile, the more likely the site is to get into the TOP of Google search results.

And remember that link building is not about quick results. The first check of efficiency should be done 3-6 months after the start of work. 

Our client has achieved excellent initial results and does not plan to stop. In the future, it will be possible to safely connect solid work with guest posts

Do you also want to get this? Just chat us about your tasks and we will definitely help you solve them with the help of competent complex link building💪