Many experts are convinced that it is almost impossible to set a positive trend in the link profile of the site with the help of high-quality links, even with a limited budget. Especially when it comes to website promotion in the American and European markets. 

But it’s not like that. With a reasonable approach to link building, you can set the growth of the link profile using just one or two promotion methods. And you will see the first significant results after 3-6 months. 

This time we were approached by a SEO and marketing specialist from the Cadabra agency (web design and web development for Internet and mobile applications). 

The main goal was to set a positive trend for the link profile of a relatively young site by placing links on US and European sites.

One of the key points for choosing was the presence of cases of working with IT companies, the ability to narrowly and accurately prescribe the requirements for selected sites and filter them even before posting comments and links.

Have we coped with the task and what results have been achieved — read in our case 😉

Introductory data

Our client is the UI/UX design agency Cadabra Studio.

Cadabra offers its clients:

Areas of work:

  1. SaaS/CRM/BPM
  2. Fintech, insurance, finance
  3. Healthcare and medicine
  4. Travel and tourism
  5. Corporate websites
  6. Education
  7. E-commerce
  8. Real estate
  9. Startups
  10. Tourism and hospitality

Cadabra Studio is a team of experts that will help you create a stable and scalable web or mobile product.

Domain age: 4.5 years. Relatively young, promising project. Date of foundation of the site — 04.11.2016. Started working with on 05/07/2020.

Promotion regions: the USA and Europe (in particular: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland). The language of promotion is English (including on European sites).

Link profile of the site: At the time of the start of work, there were 375 unique referring domains. In addition, a slight increase was noticeable on the domain chart.

Advantages of Cadabra:

  1. first-class design with the same high-quality development;
  2. as the experience of the agency shows: no one can implement the design of the product they develop better than themselves. It also saves time and resources for customers if Cadabra does both.
  3. The Cadabra team enjoys working with startups and helping them grow.

Как работает Cadabra

Parallel work with the project by the agency team:

In addition to working on link promotion with Brandcitations, the Cadabra team was actively engaged in further optimization of promoted articles, adding them, supplementing them with examples of work and useful content.

Mass linking was also carried out manually between promoted priority articles throughout the site and related topics. 

Once a month, one or two guest articles were posted. Sometimes these were paid posts through the direct advertising exchange, and sometimes it was possible to place articles for free on external sites.

Tasks set by Cadabra for Brandcitations:

Having a limited budget, start building links for the site without using submissions and links from profiles. 

The links themselves and their amount were not the goal. The goal of the link promotion of the Cadabra web design studio was to get the first growth dynamics of the project and traffic to the site in content areas (the articles on the project blog were the priority). 

Based on these dynamics and the results on a tight budget, the team could expect a larger budget for SEO (external promotion) and marketing in general.

Additional factors influencing the promotion of the project:

  1. The limited budget of the client. It was difficult to set the growth dynamics of the link profile on small volumes.
  2. Rigid site selection parameters. Cadabra specialists carefully monitored the quality of each link provided. We worked only with unique domains in the US and Europe, not closed from indexing. Pre-approval lengthened the project lead time as approval takes longer on both sides.
  3. Increased attention to near-link text. The client proofread each comment, made changes where there were inaccuracies in meaning or supplemented. Very carefully followed the relevance of posts with topics of discussion.

Even before starting the development of the Cadabra link promotion strategy, we understood that the team was interested in obtaining high-quality links from unique and trusted domains, as well as an extremely responsible approach on the part of performers. And we were 100% ready for this😃

Stages of work with Brandcitations

  1. We analyzed the link profile and site indicators;
  2. Identified direct competitors and made a detailed analysis of them;
  3. Determined the most appropriate link building methods for the site, based on a limited budget and the estimated period of work;
  4. Highlighted requests and pages for link building (most of them were articles from the blog);
  5. Created a link promotion strategy;
  6. According to the strategy, the number of references was distributed by methods for the first period of work;
  7. Approved the list of anchors and near-link text;
  8. Approved the parameters for the selection of domain sites;
  9. Approved the list of domains with the client;
  10. Created posts and submitted them for proofreading to Cadabra specialists;
  11. Placed the first links and validated them with the client, made adjustments;
  12. Systematically placed the full volume of backlinks;
  13. Prepared a detailed report for the selected period of time.

Link promotion methods used for Cadabra

After analyzing all the features and requirements of the agency, the limited budget and the tasks that we needed to solve, we chose such a link building method as crowd marketing. 

Placing positive comments on forums, Q&A sites and under articles on American and European sites was supposed to help the client:

At the same time, it was very important to adhere to the basic rules for placing crowd marketing posts:

  1. carefully select and analyze thematic discussions and domains;
  2. create and develop profiles of the authors of posts before placing links;
  3. correctly identify the pains of the participants in the discussion before writing comments;
  4. competently compose the texts of posts, based on the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the required regions.

Requirements for sites for placement by the client:

  1. Trust Flow by Majestic from 15;
  2. No more than two links in the discussion before the target post;
  3. The placement page should not be closed from indexing (without noindex, spam, robots, etc.);
  4. Preliminary approval of threads and texts;
  5. The site and traffic must be from the USA (for the first time, then from Europe);
  6. Domain traffic from 9,000-10,000 visitors per month.

Sufficiently strict rules for placing crowd marketing posts for Cadabra helped to get +175 trust domains to the site’s link profile.

Distribution of the number of links by terms and methods (pivot table)

Link building method

Number of links

Work period

Crowd marketing


May 2020

Crowd marketing


June 2020

Crowd marketing


July 2020

Crowd marketing


August-September 2020

Crowd marketing


October 2020

Crowd marketing


November-December 2020

Crowd marketing 25

January-February 2021

We distributed the reference number of links for promotion for 10 months in order not to lose the growth dynamics of the link profile and not provoke an artificial link explosion (with a sharp outflow of links) due to budgeting. 

Our priority goal was to create the most natural profile without suspicious jumps in the link mass.

Cadabra.Studio promotion results

From the site (even in a pandemic) 2 times more leads began to come, compared with the period before the start of Brandcitations’ work and when there was no pandemic yet.

As for the visibility of the site and the dynamics of growth in traffic and positions — in a little more than six months of work, the visibility of the site has increased by 23 times, and the total traffic has grown by 100% compared to the previous period.

Рост трафика аутсорсинговой компании Трафик аутсорсинговой компании: страны

Separately, the organic channel showed a 300% increase and became the main source of traffic to the site (previously direct dominated).

Продвижение аутсорсинговой компании: рост органического трафика Рост органики аутсорсингового агентства

The studio’s blog and promoted articles showed a 625% increase in traffic (7 times compared to the period without link building).

Как линкбилдинг повлиял на продвижение аутсорсинга

The positive dynamics of keywords and link profile was also set.

Why they stopped work: limited budget.

What could be improved in the strategy

Although the client’s budget was small, the regularity in promotion allowed us to get an ideal link profile, the site has a smooth growing dynamics.

However, in order to maintain positions and increase the dynamics of the link profile, it is necessary to continue working with links, systematically increasing the monthly volume. 

In addition, it is recommended to connect links of other types. In particular:

  1. Links from catalogs and directories. With the right approach to selecting sites and filling in information, you can get a couple of dozen good links.
  2. Links from social profiles. They will help not only build a link profile, but also increase brand awareness on the network.
  3. Links from guest posts and outreach. They will perfectly confirm the expertise of the Cadabra team on American and European sites, if you approach the content responsibly.

All of them together will bring the desired effect if you work with them regularly. If you are trying to attract the target audience to the site, provoke an increase in brand awareness on the network and get into the TOP of search engine results for keywords, but you do not have the time, effort and desire to search for quality sites, create profiles, write content, etc., you can always apply to Brandcitations for a comprehensive link building.

We will help you to promote your website in 40+ countries in popular languages ​​of the world using crowd marketing, links from catalogs, social profiles and guest posts. Just chat us and we will help you solve your problems.


The results of Brandcitations’ work on the Cadabra project perfectly demonstrate the effectiveness of crowd marketing in Western markets. 

In a relatively short period of time, we were able to:

  1. significantly increase the organic and overall site traffic;
  2. increase the visibility of the project on the network;
  3. attract an audience to the project blog;
  4. provoke the growth of the link profile;
  5. influence the growth of the number of leads;
  6. and other.

You can promote your site in the US and Europe both on regional services and on your own. However, it will be many times more expensive and more difficult than with the help of outsourcing companies from the CIS. 

In such link building, the approach is important. You need to understand that moderation is stricter in the West, and banal mistakes can lead not only to the loss of site positions, but also to the loss of the reputation of the project as a whole.

Do you want to get high-quality links on European and American trust sites with minimal involvement in the process? Then just write to our managers in a chat about your link building tasks and they will definitely help you with their solution. After all, we have the best managers in the SEO market.